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This is the time of spring’s return, when life bursts forth from the earth and the chains of winter are broken. It is a time of balance when light and dark are equal, when the elements within us must be brought into new harmony.

Eostar is the Wiccan Sabbat celebration named for the Germanic Goddess of the fertile Earth, whose name is the source of the word “Easter”. Her symbols are eggs, rabbits and spring flowers. If you’ve always wondered why it is that a bunny delivers eggs, it can be traced back to another ancient pastoral tradition. In the wild, hares birth their young in what is known as a form — basically, a nest for bunnies. When the hares abandoned a form, it was sometimes taken over by plovers, who would then lay their eggs in it. The locals would then find eggs in the hare’s form.

In the spirit of the true Pagan agrarian roots of the Eostar, we will be hosting an Eostar Egg Hunt for all ages.

The circle we cast for Eostar will be outside for the first time this year. Please bring some seeds that can be planted ritualistically. Also bring a simple vegetarian snack to share. In the event of rain, we will cast our circle inside.