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Imbolc (pronounced “EE-molk”) is held during the coldest days of the year, when we long for the warmth of the sun. We have welcomed the return of the sun on Yule and our hope is nourished by the sun rising a few minutes earlier and staying few minutes later every day. The Imbolc celebration symbolically drives out the frigid conditions by shining a light on the seeds of rebirth.

Imbolc is an Old Irish word that refers to sheep’s milk. In ancient times, a lactating ewe signaled one of the first signs of spring. Also called Brigid’s Day, the Celtic goddess of fertility and fire and muse to poets and artists, Imbolc represents regeneration.

Bring your favorite poem or quote, a white candle and a simple vegetarian snack to share. Weather permitting, we will have a chant around the cauldron fire, then warm up inside with some hot cider and share our poetry.

A circle will be cast in the second half of the evening. If you would like to reserve a place in the circle, please rsvp at info@madlavenderfarm.com