It’s a hot September this year but you can still enjoy lettuce from the garden.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce grown in tent.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce grown in tent.

You just need to find a shady spot to throw your lettuce seeds, like under your tomato plants. A hoop tent works even better. I used a seed packet of Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. I sprinkle the seeds on rich soil, sprinkle a fine layer of dirt on top, keep it watered and, in a week or so they are starting to germinate. When the greens are just big enough to cut for a salad, I clip as much as I need with a scissors. They grow back almost overnight.

Nasturtium in bloom

Nasturtium in bloom


My Nasturtium seeds were planted in the corners of my raised beds in June. Be sure that you lightly sand your seeds with a nail file before planting. Now, in early September my Nasturtium are full grown and I enjoy the luxury of lovely lemony/peppery Nasturtium flowers in my salad every day.

I thought a dressing with roasted lavender buds would work well and it is truly delightful.

Roasted Lavender Dressing compliments Flower Salad perfectly:

Fresh lettuce and Nasturtium flowers.

Fresh lettuce and Nasturtium flowers.



Roasted Lavender Dressing

1/3 cup olive oil

1 TBSP white Miso

1 TBSP lime juice

1 tsp honey

1 TBSP roasted culinary lavender buds

Whisk together miso and oil. Whisk in lime juice and honey.

Chop roasted lavender buds, add and shake very well. Taste and adjust proportions to your liking.

Toss with greens. Add Nasturtium flowers right before serving.