How to Make Lavender Hot Chocolate

How to Make Lavender Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate in the winter. Perhaps because I drink it so much at this time of year, I also like to change it up a bit. Sometimes I add a pinch of cayenne to my hot chocolate to give it a gentle heat. Lavender always pairs really nicely with chocolate, too, with it’s distinct but subtle floral flavor.

I never ever drink commercial packaged hot chocolate. It’s so simple to make the real thing and tastes so much better. I like to use organic ingredients and, while I’m enjoying exotic tropically grown goodies like chocolate, sugar and vanilla, I also like to know that the farmers down there are enjoying a fair wage, so I purchase fair trade products to make my hot chocolate with. I enjoy it that much more knowing that I’ve helped others with my purchase.




1 cup of organic milk (or almond or cashew milk)

1 TBSP sugar (or a pinch of stevia)

1 tsp vanilla

1 TBSP organic baking chocolate, unsweetened

1/2  tsp culinary lavender buds, finely chopped


Pour the milk into the cup you’re using to drink it out of, then pour it into a saucepan. That way, you are making the exact amount you want. Start heating the milk on medium flame.  Add all of the remaining ingredients. Whisk well with a wire whisk. When your pot of hot chocolate is steaming, pour it through a sieve into your cup. With lavender hot chocolate, you must use a sieve or there will be bits of ground lavender in the drink.




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