Celebration of the Sacred Union

Celebration of the Sacred Union

You are invited to the Wedding of the Season at Mad Lavender Farm, our very first Pagan celebration! (click on the link for details). If it is your very first MayPole celebration, you may be wondering what it means.

Beltane means Great Fire and it is a celebration of the awe and wonder of Nature as she begins to reveal herself again in Spring. It is the annual wedding of the Lady to her Horned God, the ultimate union from which all abundance flows.

“This is the time when sweet desire weds wild delight. The Maiden of Spring and the Lord of the Waxing Year meet in the greening fields and rejoice together under the warm sun. The shaft of life is twined in a spiral web and all of nature is renewed. We meet in the time of flowering, to dance the dance of life”

from “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk


Come join!

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