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Tarot Fundamentals Friday, March 22, 2019 at6:30 pm—8:00 pm

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Location: Riverside Treasures

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Explore the mysteries of the Tarot in the comfort and elegance of Riverside Treasures in Milford, NJ

In the Tarot Fundamentals Workshop, you will learn how the tarot deck is organized and the significance of the Major & Minor Arcana. We will be learning how knowledge of the four elements and of numerology provide keys to deciphering the meanings of the cards. We will also do a simple 3 card reading with the basic knowledge that we’ve gleaned.

The workshops are limited to six attendees. Hand outs will be provided of the information that’s covered. You do not have to own a Tarot deck to participate. The teaching deck that we will be using in the workshop and the images that are shown here are from the Witches Tarot.

Tea and cookies will be served for refreshment. Tarot decks (including the Witches Tarot!) are available for purchase.

I tend to prefer tarot studies that are Goddess centered and that pre-date Christian symbolism. When I learned to read the Tarot in 1988, my teacher used the Barbara Walker Tarot deck. The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan that I am currently using is, by comparison to the Barbara Walker deck, more richly illustrated and brighter in outlook. The tarot is a unique way to tap into archetypal imagery and symbolism that, from my experience, gives life more depth of meaning. The images in the tarot deck come to me during times of confusion and gives my intuitive voice more clarity. In world that is increasingly more defensive of rational thought and, apparently, more irrational in it’s direction, I treasure my connection with the wisdom of the Tarot. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

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