Foraging Wild Herbs – May 8th & 22nd

Date: Saturday, May 8th

Saturday, May 22nd

Time: 1:00pm




Gathering plants from the wild, otherwise known as wildcrafting, provides many benefits. It connects us to the natural world and the changing of the seasons and helps tie us to our ancestral heritage. Working with plants found in the wild is empowering and is the best way to ensure that our medicines are fresh, sustainable and of high quality. In addition, wildcrafting can be very ecofriendly and cost effective. Along with our walk, I will also be discussing guidelines on how to carefully and conscientiously collect plants so that we leave the land better than how we found it.

At this workshop you will discover the incredible healing power of the wild herbs that are growing locally, quite possibly in your own backyard. Take a guided walk around Mad Lavender Farm with Katie Moxham and learn to identify many of the wild plants making their appearance in Spring. She will talk about each plant and their traditional uses, harvest methods and herbal preparations.

Recipes and handouts included

Wild foraged chickweed.


Kate Moxham herbalist
Kate Moxham, herbalist

I am a plant lover, medicine maker, wildcrafter, and clinical herbalist with a background in biology, conservation, and organic farming on a mission to reconnect individuals with the power of plants. I offer in-depth herbal consultations to those who seek healing in a more natural way through medicinal herbs, and my clinical practice includes helping people address root causes of imbalance concerning the nervous system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and immune system, endocrine system, and female reproductive system.

In addition, I am the founder of Cultivating Roots LLC, a small-scale herb farm and apothecary based outside of Doylestown, PA and am passionate about combining my knowledge of Western Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine with my experience in farming and medicine-making to help individuals incorporate herbs into their daily lives to achieve optimal health, balance and emotional well-being.