FULL MOON: Shamanic Surrender Box Fire Ceremony / Sound Healing – September

Date: Saturday, September 10th

Time: 1pm – 2:30pm

$45 pp

Surrender Box

A full moon meditation is a powerful way to tap into the moon’s energy and harness its power through meditation. The moon helps us to empower our authentic self, removing things that no longer serve us. It makes room for prosperity and new relationships. Join Leslee Penny as she guides you through a meditation and sound healing that will help you become your best possible self.

Leslee will take you through a journey of spiritual release, de-stressing and healing. She will help you create a surrender box of things that no longer serve you – and let them go. Moments like these are much needed during these times, where we can share and connect with others (safely!) and bring ourselves back to a healthy, tranquil state.
Leslee will begin the session teaching breathwork techniques, bringing you into a guided meditation. The meditation will be followed by a full-body resonant sound healing. Leslee’s collection of sound healing instruments, acquired over the years, includes a large 38-inch Earth gong – which has been said to send resonance from your head to your feet!
We guarantee a day of relaxation and fun! You’ll leave feeling refreshed with a sense of clarity and community, emanating peace and love.
Please bring comfortable clothing and something to lie down on!
OPTIONAL things to bring:

– A blanket to cover yourself
– Padding for head
– Sleep mask
– Additional padding if needed!