Lavender Latte at Home

I like my coffee super light in the morning: half coffee and half hot milk. It’s my “At Home Latte”. I use good quality organic, fair trade coffee and I make it in the French press. While the coffee is brewing, I heat up the milk in a small saucepan, using a whisk to keep it from scorching and to give it a little latte foam.

That’s my morning ritual. After I’ve milked the goats. So, not only have I earned a great cup of At Home Latte, but the milk is the best milk on the planet. But you can just use any good organic milk.

If I want to elevate my experience to a truly sublime cuppa, it’s easy to just sprinkle in a teaspoon of culinary lavender buds and add a spot of vanilla extract.

lavender buds in hot milk
Sprinkle a teaspoon of culinary lavender buds and a drop of vanilla extract into hot milk.

It’s a good idea to whisk the buds into the milk to blend them in and foam the milk a bit.

Whisk the lavender buds into the hot milk.
Whisk the lavender buds into the hot milk.

Next set a small strainer over your cup of hot coffee and pour the lavender infused hot milk straight into your cup. I like to push out as much liquid as I can before I toss the used buds into the compost.

Strain lavender buds
Strain the hot infused milk directly into your hot cup of coffee.

If you want to make enough for several cups, you could strain the hot milk into a thermos or Airpot and allow guests to serve themselves with as much hot lavender milk as they like.

I served Lavender Latte recently with an Apple Galette and it was a divine combination.