Lavender Sage Smudge Workshop – September

Lavender Sage Smudge Workshop

Date: Saturday, September 16th

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Maximum # of people: 6



Sage Lavender Mugwort Rose Smudge sticks.
Four completed smudge sticks with a blessing.

I am going to teach you to wrap gorgeous, heavenly scented smudge sticks with up to four different herbs. The colors are spectacular and the combination of aromas when they are burned are so cleansing, soothing and elevating to the soul.

I know, they are so pretty you don’t want to burn them. That is why we will make two smudge sticks in our workshop. Your first attempt will not be perfect but we are celebrating our unique signature and embracing our flaws. In other words, having fun. And making a glorious mess.

Sage growing in field
Sage that I grew from seed.

Harvesting sage in the field

Burning sage smudge
Smudge should be lit with a candle, not a match!

Adrienne Crombie

Adrienne Crombie is an artist, lavender farmer, artist and co-owner of Mad Lavender Farm. Adrienne designed the Mad Lavender logo, develops their product line and continues to paint murals on any available surface on the farm.