Our Lavender Sage Wreath. It’s more than just decor.

Our Lavender Sage Wreath. It’s more than just decor.

We have just hosted one of our Lavender Sage Wreath workshops and it inspired me to share with you the significance of the wreath. Oh yes, they are more than just a seasonal household ornament. There is a history and symbolism behind that beautiful ring of flowers.

Let’s start with the circle.  The circle is a key feature of the wreath. A circle stands for Wholeness, Unity, Protection, Balance and more. Casting a circle in spiritual practices suggests protecting that which is enclosed. Like hanging a wreath over your door to perhaps imply protection over your home. Circles represent time and the cycles of the seasons.

See examples of seasonal wreaths here:

Winter Wreaths: made from the lovely stuff of evergreens, like Holly and pine. They represent everlasting life and hope. Evergreens keep their vitality even in the dormant winter months. Hence, wreaths made of this is a reminder that life is constant – even when it seems withdrawn.

Spring Wreaths and Summer Wreaths: As I’m sure you’ve guessed a spring or summer wreath is a great symbol to illustrate birth, renewal, life, and abundance. Say hello bright to flower blossoms and sunshine! You can see these types of wreaths adorned with flowers, herbs, and even eggs.

Autumn Wreath: Autumn is a phase of life that addresses powerful concepts like Harvest and transition. Autumn wreath meaning celebrates a bountiful year and expresses gratitude for the harvest.

There is culture and history behind the wreath as well. In Roman times wreaths were used as an adornment that could represent a person’s occupation, rank, their achievements, and status. They were hung on doorways to celebrate a victory. They are also used in ceremonial events in many cultures around the world.  A wreath may be used as a headdress made from leaves, flowers, and branches. It is typically worn in festive occasions and on holy days. Wreaths originally were made for use with Pagan rituals in Europe and were associated with the changing seasons and fertility.

So the root of this is, the wreath mirrors the noble circle-concepts of protection, unity, and balance, and the wreath meaning is enhanced according to the materials with which it’s made, and its function. Knowing this you may look at the simplicity of a wreath in a different light. There may be more depth to your choice of wreath too. Handcrafting your own wreath can really illuminate your intention. Creating something with your own hands adds extra love in it from the first collection of materials.

We host a lavender and sage wreath workshop in the summer months where you can make a Lavender Sage Wreath from the year’s harvest of Hidcote and Long-Stemmed Lavender and Blue Sage. It’s a lot of fun! Do not be intimidated by your own crafting abilities. We work together. A bunch of friends gathered round in circle form. Tuned into the task at hand. No distractions and protected from the digital world. Working in unity. Laughing and bringing a sense of centeredness and balance, much like the wreath you are crafting.

All of the supplies needed are laid out for you. A bare grapevine wreath, the lavender and sage bunches, then the smaller bunches wrapped in wire ready to attach to the wreath. Our frame is a 14-inch grapevine wreath onto which we will layer bunches of lavender and sage using jewelry wire to attach. You will take home a lovely wreath abundant with fragrant lavender and sage to remind you of summer days for many seasons to come.

At last, Behold! Our beautiful handcrafted lavender sage wreath made from this year’s harvest of Hidcote and Long-Stemmed Lavender and Blue Sage. They make thoughtful gifts for friends and family or to brighten up your own home. Maybe you will think of gifting a wreath now knowing it’s more than just pretty leaves and flowers. Think of offering a friend balance and protection in their new home. Or to welcome a new baby. Offer this as a decoration for the nursery and symbolize the endless love this child will receive. I am sure you may be coming up with some ideas for yourself as well.

Sign up for our newsletters and check out our website for upcoming wreath-making workshops, typically hosted in the Summer.  I look forward to circling around and creating with you soon!


Peace and Love

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