Pick Your Own Lavender Workshop – First Bloom in June/July

Dates: June 16th through July 11th, Wednesday through Sunday

Time: 1/2 hour bookings from 9am to 11am
Cost: $25 pp
Maximum # of people: 8

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This workshop is designed for adults. We want you to have the full advantage of our expertise in lavender and to cut beautiful bouquets of fresh lavender to take home with you. If you choose to bring your children and to make it more of a family experience, you are responsible for your children and for their activity. Children are not permitted to cut lavender.


We will show you how to recognize the different stages of bloom and when is the best time to harvest for decorative, sachet or culinary uses. You’ll learn how to cut the lavender to avoid damaging the plant and how to hang your bunches to dry.


Lavender is in bloom from mid June through early July.


Heartful of lavender.

Complimentary lavender lemonade will be served, made from our own recipe.  Your bunches will be wrapped in tissue paper, tied with purple raffia and you will take home instructions for the care of your lavender and our recipe for lavender lemonade.


You will take home our recipe for lavender lemonade.