Shamanic Lucid Dreaming Workshop / Dream Catcher Tea – September

This workshop is in 2 sessions:

Date: Saturday, September 17th & 24th

Time: 1pm – 2:30pm

$75 pp 


Lucid dreaming is where you are aware you are dreaming. You are able to control your dream and make it into anything you wish. You could fly, choose to experience the supernatural, jump high, run at super speed. You could even spend the valuable time healing yourself, practicing something you want to be proficient at in the real world, or relaxing. You may even be able to ask questions of your guides. Just like any skill, it takes training, knowledge and mentorship to fully know how to harness and skillfully execute it.


In this class, Leslee will guide you through the history, benefits, and techniques of achieving a lucid dreaming state. She will teach you how to remember your dreams by connecting our dream world to our waking reality, and ways to increase your chances of having a lucid dream each night.


Along with this, each person who takes this class will receive a bag of Dream Catcher Tea Blend, grown and harvested here on the farm, to help enhance their journey.


Sweet dreams!