Why read Tarot?
My workshop is on the “ how” to read Tarot, not the “why”.  But, still, why read Tarot?
Is it superstitious or soft-headed to shuffle a deck of cards to look for answers to life’s dilemmas?
Life does not always unfold in ways that seem rational and life certainly isn’t always fair and so logical solutions often don’t apply.
How the cards are read and the intention one sets for reading the tarot are important and also speaks to the question of why. I always begin a reading with the observance that “yes or no” answers are not what we seek. A question that predicates a “yes or no” response assumes an outcome that it is limited to our own expectations. So, when I approach the Tarot I open my heart and mind to the unexpected. In my practice, I do not even ask the querent (or myself) to name the issue – I allow the cards to bring the story out.
Widely-acclaimed Hypno-healer Debbie Papadakis explained that the mind is broken into three different states: the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious. She goes on to say that the conscious mind stores experiences and memories, the subconscious mind stores emotions, and the unconscious mind stores wisdom. The unconscious is expressed not in words but in images. The archetypes in the Tarot are images with universal meanings that speak the language of the unconscious mind. Reading the Tarot creates a channel to converse with the unconscious.
Now we come to the heart of the “why”. Why would I want to have a conversation with my unconscious? Carl Jung posits that every person shares the collective unconscious with the entire human species, hence the deep wisdom can be accessed in the unconscious mind.
If our conscious mind is as deep as our deepest memories, our subconscious mind as deep as our deepest emotions, then our unconscious mind is as deep as our collective wisdom.
The imagery on the cards resonates with the richness of the human experience, with our layers of history, our interconnectedness, and our shared journey.
It is my pleasure to share my Tarot journey with you.


So, let’s do a 3 card spread now and let the cards speak:
The 3 card spread is read as Past – Present – Future. In the recent past sits the Queen of Pentacles. She is an earthy woman, secure in her position and grounded in what she knows. In the present, the Page of Swords assesses the situation and chooses his words carefully. The Future is represented by The Lovers, the card of choice and commitment. The Angel of Destiny rises behind them reminding us to chose wisely and then to fully commit.
The reading bodes well for our Tarot workshop together!
I’ll see you Wednesday, October 10th and October 17th in the Tipi at 6:30 pm.
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