Tarot Fundamentals Workshop – September & October


Sunday, September 26th

Sunday, October 17th

Time: 1pm

Cost: $30
Maximum # of people: 6

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The Tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards and that can be a bit overwhelming if you are just relying on memory to learn how to read them. In this workshop, I introduce you to the fundamentals of Tarot: the four elements and the numeralogical significances and how they are experienced in everyday life. I also provide you with ingenious “cheat sheets” to help you build confidence. All worksheets are provided and attendees will have a pdf package of the workshops emailed to them.

Each person will have the opportunity to give a 3 card reading.

Our attendance is limited so that everyone can get the attention they need. You may bring your own tarot deck but it is not required. The cards that are pictured are from my preferred deck, The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

Peppermint tea and lavender cookies served for refreshment.

Tarot altar