Tarot Fundamentals Workshop

Date: Sunday, September 20th 
Time: 1pm

Sunday, October 25th

Time: 1pm

Cost: $30
Maximum # of people: 6

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Whether you have just acquired your first deck of Tarot cards or have been reading tarot and would like to go deeper, in the Tarot Fundamentals Workshop we look at some of the key concepts of the tarot to help you interpret the cards more confidently. By learning the language of the Tarot, the mysteries start to reveal themselves and the cards become familiar friends that you can rely on. Everyone will have the opportunity to read a simple 3-card spread.

Our workshops are low attendance for social distancing and you must also bring your own tarot deck.

The cards that are pictured are from my preferred date, The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

Tarot altar