The Medicine of Tulsi: A Meditation and Menstruum Making Journey

Date: Sunday, August 2nd
Time: 10am

Saturday, August 8th

Time: 10 am

Cost: $40-$55
Maximum # of people: 8

This class is offered for $40-$55
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Community rate: $40 Use TULSI when ordering your ticket
Supporter Rate:  $48 Use TULSI7 when ordering your ticket
Sustainer Rate: $55 pays for you and assists others with their participation
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The plant product, alcohol, apple cider vinegar and take home containers will be supplied.
Please feel free to BYO Honey or purchase some that will be available at the farm if you wish to include it in your menstruum.


Tulsi Basil Plants

The sweet and spicy aroma of Tulsi Basil provides an uplift for the body, mind and spirit. You’ll know it is no ordinary Basil when you catch it’s scent in the breeze. Also known as Holy Basil, this soothing herb provides, among its many medicinal properties, a sense of comfort so beneficial in challenging times.

Revered in India as the Elixir of Life, Tulsi is believed to be the embodiment of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. The energy of Tulsi is used to balance and harmonize our chakras, enliven us and provide what we need to show up as our divine selves in the world.


To get to know this mysterious and wonderful herb on a deeper level, we will experience her gifts in the garden at Mad Lavender Farm and explore her many healing properties in depth. Tulsi has the ability to calm and restore the nervous system, boost physical stamina, and is an ally to the heart, lungs and liver. And that’s just for starters.


Pouring honey for oxymel

In our workshop we will take a meditative walk through the garden to connect with Tulsi’s energy and journey together from the head to the heart. We will also discover her relationship to lavender. After all, we are on a lavender farm! Tulsi Basil and Lavender make great allies in our unpredictable times. We will have the opportunity to walk through the lavender fields just beyond the garden and visit the Tiny Shop to sample the lavender products.

Tulsi Basil Tincture

While sipping on our fresh brewed Tulsi Basil tea, we will learn the methods for creating a tincture, an elixir and an oxymel. Everyone will be hands on in creating their own menstruum of choice. Participants will leave with their own Tulsi Holy Basil creation, the fresh harvested herb, a comprehensive informational Tulsi handout and drawing of the goddess Lakshmi. Our workshops will be limited to an intimate gathering of 6 people in order to maintain a safe practice of social distancing.

In the interest of inclusivity for those who would love to take this workshop but need a softer price, we offer a coupon for $15 off. Use TULSI when ordering your ticket.

We look forward to coming together on the farm!

Feel free to stroll the farm, see the chickens and baby goats and shop at our open air lavender boutique.

All workshops at Mad Lavender Farm are open air and limited attendance for your health and safety. Please do bring a mask in case you need to mask up when in closer proximity to others. This workshop is rain or shine.

Katie O'Neill

Katie O’Neill is an artist who after 10 years of owning a handmade fashion business was called to the plants to pursue an education in Herbalism, Flower Essence, Floristry and Medical Astrology. She feels the right tools and wellness practices are what is most needed for our evolution into this new paradigm. As a space holder and facilitator of Women’s Circles she hopes to empower women to reconnect in community and to our individual divine nature as creators. By being close to nature she believes we have the ability to strengthen our own intuitions. Katie’s love of exploration assists in her creative process to capture an ancestral nostalgia and spiritual essence in her work and designs. Katie is a native born Jersey girl who currently calls Pennsylvania her home and discovery playground along the beautiful Delaware River Valley. She is currently working on her medicinal garden and healing arts as her offering in the world.