Banana Lavender Smoothie

Smoothies are the healthy version of fast food. Sometimes I’m just too busy to eat. I know I need a little sustenance but I don’t have the inclination to prepare a proper lunch. Nor do I want to grab something that’s not really nutritious. Smoothies are the answer: they are my go-to in the middle of the day and they always hit the spot.

Frozen banana is the essential ingredient for my smoothies. When the last banana in the bunch inevitably turns overly ripe I throw it in the freezer, skin and all. When it’s rock hard frozen it’s ready for a smoothie. I cut it in half with a sharp knife then cut it length-wise. The peel usually comes off like a glove.

The next ingredients are a combination of greens; like kale, swiss chard or parsley and milk (any kind of milk: nut milk, soy milk, oat milk, goat milk with something sweet like honey or fruit. Some ginger root chopped into it is awesome. A quarter piece of avocado makes it amazingly smooth and creamy.

And then sometimes even that is too much work.

Sometimes a Banana Lavender Smoothie is all I need. It is like a little piece of heaven. It’s perfectly fulfilling, the flavor is so delicate and lovely and the lavender delivers and little bit of calm in a hectic day.


Peel one frozen banana, chop and put it in the blender

Add a cup of milk of your choice (nut milk, soy milk, oat milk, goat milk)

Add a TBSP of culinary lavender bud and a dash of vanilla

Blend it all together. If the mixture is too thick for your liking, add a bit more milk. If you need it sweeter you can add honey.

Have it your way.


frozen banana
Peel and chop frozen banana.
Ingredients in smoothie
Blend frozen banana chunks, lavender, vanilla and milk









lavender smoothie