Dreaming a New World

As I continue to investigate and learn more about the mysterious world of medicinal herbs that are hiding in plain sight all around me, my relationship with the plant world grows stronger. I learn a lot from people who visit the farm and introduce me to the plants that are growing wild in the field and around the garden. I’ve always learned by doing and after I’ve been properly introduced to a plant, I cultivate the relationship by exploring it’s medicinal properties. But the first thing that impressed me when I started to learn to forage and that impresses me still is that medicinal plants, when allowed to grow wild, are ubiquitous. And if they are growing in such proliferation, and if the natural world is an expression of divine intention, then they must be trying to tell us something or perhaps they are supplying a need.

Take Mugwort, for instance. Mugwort is crazy abundant and is one of those plants that will just take over if not kept in check. It has a bad rep as an invasive and is widely regarded as a useless weed. More and more, though, Mugwort is being recognized for it’s ability to enhance and clarify dreams. It is not a psychotropic, it simply enhances brain clarity while simultaneously relaxing the body. It can be used as a sachet under your pillow, it can be smoked, or it can be brewed and sipped before bedtime. We have blended it with wild foraged Lemon Balm and, of course, Lavender to create our Dream Catcher Tea Blend.

Maybe our world needs some heavy duty doses of Mugwort now. Maybe we need to go back to the drawing board and redesign our world and first we need to dream that new vision. It’s time to take a break from the chaos, to¬† investigate our inner world and listen to our intuitive voice. When we were children we believed in magic because we saw it everywhere. It’s time to revision the world and to see the magic that lay hidden in plain sight.

I invite you to join our workshop, Dream Weaving, Realize Your Dreams with Herbs & Ritual with Katie O’Neill on August 1st, August 29th or on October 16th. Let’s start dreaming a new world together.