Katie O’Neill, Herbalist

Katie came to the farm on recommendation of a friend who said we had to meet and that Katie was an herbalist who would be a perfect fit for Mad Lavender Farm. As it turns out, Katie is more a person who creates space than fits into it. When Katie ONeill creates space for her workshops, for instance, you feel as though you’ve walked into an apothecary from the 16th century. Herbs and elixirs are displayed in pretty bottles and jars, tea is poured from a Moroccan teapot and it is all laid out beautifully upon a tapestry draped table. Her love for the natural world is expressed in everything she does so her workshops are more than informative, they are a sensory experience.

Like all the best teachers I know, Katie is always engaged in learning more; taking classes, reading, traveling and exploring. Every time I check in with her on Instagram I am witness to her great sense of adventure and her curiosity; be it a trip to Findhorn, Scotland, therapeutic immersion in the ocean in the middle of winter, or discovery of a new medicinal plant remedy. Thanks to her input, the varieties of herbs in our garden are increasing every year. Katie advised us to plant Tulsi Basil last year and now we’ve fallen in love with it. It is an amazing herb with so many beneficial qualities. Katie takes a deep dive into it with her workshop “The Medicine of Tulsi: A Meditation and Plant Medicine Making Journey.” This year we are introducing an herbal tea blend we call Dream Catcher that will complement Katie’s workshop “Dream Weaving: Tap into your Dreams with Herbs & Ritual.” Herbalist, Flower Essence guide, and student of Medical Astrology and Celtic traditions, Katie is offering a plethora of herbal remedy workshops from May through October. Check them out at www.madlavenderfarm.com/events.