Super Blue Lavender

There are so many varieties of lavender to choose from. When you love lavender, it’s a world of opportunity to explore. It’s also a bit of a risk when growing lavender in New Jersey when you try a new variety of lavender and find out that it doesn’t hold up to our weather extremes.

As lavender farmers who have survived the last two years of harsh winters and wet, cold springs, we know better than most the heartbreak of loosing young lavender plants to the ravages of weather. The good news is that we have had  consistent success with a new variety called Super Blue lavender.


Super Blue Lavender close up
Super Blue lavender in it’s first bloom.

Super Blue lavender is an Angustifolia with grey-green foliage, and a rich, deep purple flower. The stems grow up to 32 inches long and the flower is very impressive in size and color. The first bloom is in mid June then look for a second bloom in August through September. It is bred to survive the winters and is also tolerant of heat and humidity. Like all Angustifolia, the bud can be can be used as a culinary. Like all lavenders, it attracts beneficial insects and butterflies and is deer and rabbit resistant.

Super Blue has worked it way into our hearts and become our number one favorite.

Spring is the best time to plant lavender. We have lots of Super Blue lavender plants available for purchase and pick up. Please click the link Super Blue Lavender to purchase and schedule your pick up time.


Super Blue in a basket
A basket of just harvested Super Blue lavender bouquets.