English Lavender Wreath Workshop in June

Date: Saturday, June 17th

Times: 10am – 12noon

1pm – 3pm

$150 pp

Wreath Workshop

At the height of bloom of our English lavender, join Nicole of Spadaflora Botanical Artistry to make a wreath from an abundance of freshly harvested Hidcote lavender.

As a part of our workshop, you will pick some lavender right out of the field. It takes a LOT of lavender to create this, and so the lion’s share of it will be fresh cut and ready for you to fashion into your wreath. There is nothing like the color and scent of fresh lavender and it will dry beautifully, lasting well into the next year. Nicole will guide you to adhere it properly and distribute it nicely around your 12inch wreath support.

Lavender lemonade and lavender shortbread cookies will be served to nibble and sip.

Be sure to take the time to enjoy a stroll around the farm. It is the most beautiful time of year!

This workshop is limited to 8 attendees. In the event of rain, the workshop will be held in our new renovated Workshop Space.

Nicole Spadaflora
Nicole of Spadaflora Botanical Artistry


Nicole Spadafora is a ghost, driving a meat covered skeleton, made from stardust, riding through space; who on a good day fears nothing. She is the proprietor of Spada Flora Botanical Artistry, a design company which is rooted in all things in all things floral & botanical – from designing and implementing native gardens, foraging, farming flowers and herbs to flowering weddings and holy-days.

Her guiding principal is; “There is only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle” Albert Einstein.