Lap Loom Weaving Workshop – May

Day: Saturday, May 18th

Time: 10am – 2pm


Early registration is $90 (before May 10th) Coupon Code LAPLOOM24



weaving Mad Lavender Farm

Weaving is an ancient art, a time-honored tradition. The rugs we walk on, the clothes we wear, the baskets we use- all made at on point in history by manual, skilled labor. Using a wooden lap loom (that you take home!) weave your very own piece of art. We will be discussing different techniques and exploring the practical and artistic uses for weaving. In addition to personalized instruction, books will be available to comb through for inspiration, and everyone goes home with an instruction manual and extra yarn to continue projects. In an incredibly fast-paced world, taking up a slow-art practice introduces a sense of patience and satisfaction to one’s life. Take a dive into the past and experience the power of creating something beautiful and tangible with your hands! 

Please bring a bag lunch to enjoy on beautiful Mad Lavender Farm during our break.

Early registration is $90 (before May 10th) Coupon Code LAPLOOM24



Kelly Dugan, Mad Lavender Farm
Kelly Dugan, artisan

Kelly Dugan is a lover of art and history, utilizing artistic practices from the days of old to create both ornamental and wearable art. Primarily a silversmith, she also loves to paint and weave, and is heavily influenced by the Southwest. Her goal is to instill a sense of pride into her students through creating slow art, using time-honored traditions- something she came to appreciate more fully while pursuing a degree in Art History at Drew University and through her travels through Europe and the American West.