Lavender plants are in!

It’s that time of year and our beautiful, healthy lavender plants are ready to beautify your yard. Plant now and you’ll have the sweet scent of lavender and magnificent purple blooms in your garden or pots from late may through the summer months.


Lavender is easy to grow. Just plop it in well drained soil in a sunny spot and you’re good to go.


munstead lavender plant in bloom
Munstead Lavender

Our lavender plants are often used in perennial borders, rock gardens, as well as in herb gardens and scent gardens. Lavender’s intermediate height makes it just about right for the middle row in a decorative border comprised of shorter annual flowers in the front and taller shrubs or trees in the back. Lavender also works well when massed, and is sometimes used as a low hedge. This aromatic plant attracts butterflies and even repels deer (as well as cats!)

Lavender is sure to make you smile this summer!