Solar Panels at the Farm

Green Power Energy has recently installed a 15.64 kW ground mounted solar array at Mad Lavender Farm in Milford, NJ (Alexandria Township).  The ground mounted solar array will produce 21,000 kWhrs of clean energy annually.

This is will save the Lavender Farm over $3,000 in annual electric costs and allow them to collect upwards of $3,000 per year in SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates).  Although the cost savings are tremendous, the real motivation for installing this ground mounted solar array is the farm’s sustainability mission.

Ground Mounted Solar and Mad Lavender’s Sustainability Mission

When speaking with Don Dalen, who runs Mad Lavender Farm along with his partner Adrienne Crombie, he emphasized the real reason for installing solar panels, “It fits our model.  We always wanted to go solar and our vision has been to create not only a sustainable financial system but also a sustainable farming system.”