Lavender Wand Workshop


July 11th 
Time: 1pm

July 12th

Time: 10am
Cost: $55
Maximum # of people: 6

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Lavender wands can only be made with long-stemmed lavender that is fresh cut out of the field. There is a small window of time in the entire year when long-stemmed lavender is in bloom and ready for making wands and that is part of what makes them so special. The wonderful thing about lavender wands is, though they can only be made during the weeks that span the end of June and beginning of July, the scent of a wand lasts for years.


Phenomenal Lavender bush
Wands can only be made from fresh cut long-stemmed lavender.

The fresh lavender buds are captured within the woven stems, preserving the scent of lavender for years. Just give them a gentle squeeze and inhale the fragrance.

Weaving a lavender wand.
The stems must be fresh cut to be bendable and workable to weave a wand.

We have a variety of pretty colored ribbons to choose from to fashion a wand that is uniquely yours. Using a double faced ribbon you can manipulate a stripe into your weaving.


Wand workshop table
Fresh lavender and colored ribbons.

The workshop is rain or shine. If it’s raining, we simply duck into our 26 tipi to enjoy the workshop with the raindrops gently pattering outside.

Wand Makers
If it rains, we’ll have our workshop in the tipi!