Mad Lavender Goat Yoga Team

The air is warming a bit, Spring is on the way and pretty soon we’ll be enjoying Goat Yoga again on Mad Lavender Farm. I’d like to introduce you to our incredible team of goat yoga teachers; Lea Ostner, Jenn Stas, Ava Marino and Shannon Keelyn. Goat yoga teachers are a very special breed. They must have a big call to adventure, an unflappable inner calm, a love of goats (naturally) and a sense of mischief to match. Folks of all ages and levels of yoga experience attend our sessions and so our teachers need to be responsive to all their needs. It also takes a big dose of creativity to run a goat yoga session because goats are unpredictable and they don’t always follow the “lesson plan.” In addition to all that, Ava, Shannon and Lea bring their talents in playing sound bowls to produce our Sound Bath Goat Yoga sessions. On the continuum of super chill to crazy fun, Sound Bath Goat Yoga brings it all together. Jenn Stas is the G.O.A.T. at Partner Goat Yoga, possibly the best date you’ll have this summer.

We are so lucky to have these amazing, talented and warm hearted women on our team. It makes all the difference when you are working with people who truly love what they do. Big, big shout out to you all. We are so looking forward to making it happen with you all again in 2022!

Sound Bath Goat Yoga sessions start again in May. If you would like to book a private goat yoga event, please check our website for available dates.

Bachelorette Goat Yoga Party
LOVE pose at a Goat Yoga Bachelorette Party.