Making Dreams Come True

Every year since we started growing lavender in 2014 we have visioned and prepared for a new installation on the farm. In 2018 our dream of erecting a tipi came true. We ordered the lodge poles and canvas for a 26 foot tipi from Nomadic Tipi Makers in Oregon. We leveled the ground and built a wood platform to receive it, sealed the 30 foot lodge poles with 3 coats of turpentine and linseed oil, viewed the instructional video countless times and organized a tipi raising party to raise it and wrap it. Voilá, we had a magnificent tipi. It was a long overdue gift to my inner child who always wondered what it would be like to be inside this wonderful cone shaped space that was home to the original people.

This month, March 2022, we dismantled our beloved tipi. The combination of wind, rain and mold has taken it’s toll and it is time to turn a new page. Our hearts are sore and we know so many of you grieve with us. We’d like to share with you some precious memories and photos that capture those moments.. Over the years our tipi has sheltered our goat yoga parties, picnics and workshops from summer rain. Kirt & Laura of Creative Frequencies (now permanently based in Hawaii) blessed us with otherworldly sound healing sessions in the tipi. Kelly Kinney gifted us with a  Women’s New Moon Circle that was just magical.

Some folks go on vacation. We invested in a magical experience right here on our farm.

Next chapter in our Mad Lavender odyssey is our vision for a Green Witches Garden that will be planted in the 26 foot circle footprint that was our tipi, replete with medicinal herbs, a pond and a waterfall.

And so, the journey continues.

More to come!

Tipi Frame
Lodge poles set in place.
Covering the tipi
Covering the tipi.
tipi at night
Tipi illuminated at night.
Magic Circle
Kelly Kinney presiding at her Women’s New Moon Circle in the tipi.
baby goats
Kids Goat Yoga party in the tipi.