The Tibetan Three Heart Mantras Workshop – August


Saturday, August 10th 

Time: 10am – 4pm 

$125 p/p



Spend a day of deep spiritual immersion on the farm with certified soul healer and teacher Lopon Bön Chong Ma, practicing the Tibetan Three Heart Mantra. These beautiful Tibetan mantras help you to meditate, reduce stress, heal negative emotions, and open your heart. They are from a Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition and are said to form the essence of enlightenment. They work to transform awareness in specific ways and are used as purification and protection. Everyone can benefit from these beautiful chants and they will help deepen any other spiritual work you are doing.

Please bring a bag lunch to enjoy on the farm during our midday lunch break. Complimentary lavender lemonade will be provided.

More about the workshop:

These mantras assist us to stay centered in our hearts and are helpful for anyone wanting to learn ways to calm their mind and be free of troubling emotions and habits. Learn about the Tibetan goddess Sherab Chamma and other Tibetan deities in this class. They are also helpful for people who are very energy sensitive such as empaths and healers. Participants report feeling a beautiful warm soft energy from taking this class as they get to experience all the mantras together in one session. In this workshop you will learn ways to:

  • open yourself to universal energy
  • meditate more deeply
  • learn to bring more love & compassion into your life
  • heal negative emotions and karmic imprints
  • open and expand your heart more fully
  • calm your mind
  • purify your awareness
  • protect yourself from negative energy


You will experience deeper awareness and higher states of consciousness through:

The Contemplation Mantra

  • The Healing Mantra
  • The Love & Compassion Mantra
  • Special meditations for each mantra

You will receive .pdf files with all the mantras.

This workshop will be held in our Picnic Pavilion and it is a rain or shine event.


The Three Heart Mantras is a complete spiritual practice in itself.  They are also a part of the 3 year Tibetan Soul Healer certification Beth teaches and she will be beginning another 3 year program in September 2024. This is a great entry point if you are interested in the 3 year program. Please see Beth if you are interested.


Comments from my clients and participants:

“I felt so connected to myself and peaceful.”

“Beth has coached me for 6 months and shared the one of the mantras with me during that time. As I practice that mantra I have received more clarity – I have found my spiritual journey.”

“Such a beautiful and peaceful experience. Thank you.”

“I felt warmth [throughout my body] and did not want the teaching to stop.”


About Lopon Bön Chong Ma

Beth Siegert
Lopon Bön Chong Ma

I am a certified Tse Dup Lopon Ma (meaning soul healer and teacher) in the Tibetan Energy Healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod and am one of a handful of non-Tibetan practitioners and teachers in the US.  (You may know me by Beth Siegert.)

I have completed over 3 years of intensive study with Lopon Lumowoekar (Tania Smith – The first non-Tibetan certified in the United States) and 5 years of intensive training with Tibetan Lama Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche. During this time, I also completed the Ngöndro. Upon completion of the above I received the oral transmission, lineage empowerments and Lopon robe from Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche. I have also studied with and received other empowerments and traditional oral transmissions from Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche and His Holiness Menri Gyalwa 34th and other esteemed Geshes and Lamas.

I currently teach a three year certification program in Tibetan Bön Soul Healing (Tse Dup Yang Bod), as well as teaching the Ngöndro (Ngöndro is an essential preliminary practice of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism as well as the indigenous Yungdrung Bön tradition) and the Three Heart Mantras.

If you would like more information kindly email me at: or visit our website at: