Mushroom Cultivation Workshop – Aug & Sept


Sunday, August 25th

Saturday, Sept 28th

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Tickets $65

Mushroom Cultivation


Are you interested in learning more about mushrooms? Join mushroom cultivator and forager Kacy Binz in a fun and hands-on mushroom cultivation workshop! Kacy will walk you through each step of the growing process, from mycelium to mushroom. She will lead the group in an inoculation of blue oyster mushrooms, and you will leave with your own at home mushroom growing kit! You will also learn about the phenomenal health benefits of mushrooms as well as some tasty recipes to introduce wild

Mushroom Growing Kit

mushrooms more into your diet. She will also have some tips and advice for those interested in wild foraging.

Mushroom snacks and tea will be provided, as well as print outs of all the information. 

Savory Wild Mushrooms served at workshop!











Kacy Binz, farmer & mushroom cultivator

Kacy has experience growing a wide variety of delectable mushrooms, such as lions mane, oysters, piopinno, white beech, chestnut, nameko and more.  She also enjoys foraging for wild mushrooms and plants, as well as making tea blends and tinctures. Her goal is to inspire people to incorporate more mushrooms into their diet, to become more connected with nature and our source of food, and to make delicious and creative recipes using mushrooms!