The Goat Yoga Dream Team

Meet the Mad Lavender Goat Yoga Teachers: Lea, Jenn, Ava and Shannon. They are my Dream Team. Ava and Jenn have been with us since the beginning and they have fine tuned the goat yoga experience over the past four years to what it is today. Shannon and Lea are brand new to teaching goat yoga. They approached us specifically to teach goat yoga on the farm because they were passionate about wanting to do this. It takes a special kinda yoga teacher to run goat yoga events. She needs to have great yoga chops, a good sense of humor, an ability to think outside the box, be quick on her feet and of course she needs to love goats. And now our goat yoga teachers need to also play singing bowls! Shannon and Lea have come through it all with flying colors.

We introduced a new dimension to goat yoga last year when Ava had the idea to begin her session with a smudge ceremony followed by singing bowls. Smudging is a tradition that helps to ground us in a sense of the sacred. The vibration of the singing bowls helps to open the heart and mind to the present moment. Our guests are brought to a lovely elevated state and then the goaties are introduced and all hell and hilarity breaks loose. For those of you who have never experienced singing bowls, it gives you a little taste and for those who are already sound bowl enthusiasts, it’s a nice bit of healing vibration. Sound Bath Goat Yoga has been a winning combination and is now regularly scheduled on our calendar.

If you love sound bath and would like to enjoy a Sound Bath in the tipi without goats, there are several events presented by sound healer Leslee Penny that include sound healing. Please take a look at our Workshops & Events in the category of Spiritual Practice.

Shannon with goats
Shannon getting some goat love.