Online Store Coming Soon!

As the demand for our products has been on the rise we will soon be making our products available to purchase online! For now please refer to our gallery below to see some of what is available at our farm. Please call or email us with any inquiries about product availability. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Happy Customers

“I didn’t know what to expect when signing up for the Kombucha Workshop, but I have to say, I loved it! Adrienne and Don were awesome hosts and really passionate about their farm and the kombucha making process! Thank you so much for an amazing Sunday!”
Kaitlin P.
“I had such a great time at Lavender Farm today for a Kombucha Workshop. I left with much more knowledge than I entered with. I was able to hang out on the farm, learn how to make kombucha, appreciate how to care for a SCOBY, and hang out with the chickens. Adrienne and Don were wonderful hosts. They were very welcoming and made us feel at home. Their Kombucha’s tasted amazing. Adrienne’s passion for life, self-betterment, and Kombucha really shine through. I am happy I took the hour drive to spend my afternoon with them.”
Ben I.
“A great place to relax, to learn about lavender, and to enjoy a spiritual lavender walk!”
Natalie S.
“A beautiful place to relax, refresh, slow down and share in the joys of nature! The fragrance of lavender and Love is in the air!”
Jennifer K.
“I am so impressed with the vision they made a reality. SO beautiful and inspiring!!!!!!”
Marghy M.
“A masterpiece! Everything Adrienne creates is a masterpiece.”
Nancy W.
“I can’t wait to bring my granddaughters! Adrienne and Don are truly wonderful!! BIG HUGS!!”
Beth S.