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What happens when two artists meet, fall in love, build a mural business, raise kids and chickens, grow a garden, green their community then decide to save the family farm after the deer have eaten everything on it? They discover the joy of growing lavender and fall madly in love all over again.

Our Story

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Adrienne and Don

In 2012, when the future of our family’s 10 acre farm came into question, we saw the opportunity to fulfill our dream of sustainable living and to share our vision with a greater community. Once a popular “pick your own raspberry” farm, our family’s crop was demolished by the ever increasing deer population. In our search for a deer resistant crop, we discovered Lavender. The more we learned the more enchanted we became with Lavender for it’s beauty, variety, healthful properties and resilience. We decided that we would be lavender farmers.

In 2013 we planted our first crop of lavender on our sunny hilltop and they thrived beautifully. Beehives were brought in to pollinate our plants, and WWOOF helpers were brought in to help us build our dreams. Three years later, we have seven different varieties of lavender, a Lavender Labyrinth and a lovely line of lavender products. All of our products are made by hand here on the farm. Our honey and beeswax products come from neighboring Tassot Apiaries. Everything is grown organically with absolutely no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We named our farm “Mad Lavender” as a nod to Lewis Carroll, ever calling us to inject a dose of fun and frabousity into our creations on the farm. Imagine sipping lavender lemonade under a flowering geodesic dome, meeting friendly chickens that lay blue eggs and live in a gypsy caravan, taking a leisurely walk through a lavender labyrinth in full bloom, then strolling to the fire pit for a lavender smudge. We invite you to come and enjoy!

Delights To Be Had at Mad Lavender

Goat Yoga! (Check out our Goat Yoga page)

Blue eggs from exotic chickens that live in a gypsy caravan chicken coop!

Beautiful Organic Lavender

Events and Workshops

Join us for events and workshops hosted at Mad Lavender Farm. We host many types of classes like lavender wand weaving and smudge wrapping as well as events like sacred sound healing. Visit our Classes to see what is happening at the farm. We look forward to seeing you soon. If you’d like to reserve the farm click here to reach out to us for more information on setting up your own event today.

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